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Perform is an online fitness coaching service based in Dubai. They specialize in body transformations for all levels of fitness. What once began as a one coach service, has since grown into a multi-coach service that helps hundreds of clients achieve their goal physiques.







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We have worked with Perform since their humble beginnings as Josh Murray Coaching, helping them grow into the large scale coaching brand they are today.

We continue to grow Perform’s online presence through nearly every digital channel, using a cohesive digital marketing strategy that delivers meaningful & engaging messages to their target audience. We helped scale Perform from 50 online clients to 200+ in less than a year. 

One aspect of our strategy that has been extremely effective is our on-site automation. This has allowed us to cut back on the amount of time that coaches spend doing trivial tasks that are ultimately unprofitable. With this increase in time comes an increase in opportunity to take on new clients.