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Videography & Photography

A2B Media specialise in video and photography that helps you stand out amongst your competitors. We create content that improves your brand equity and gets your message across.

Video Production: 

Our videography, filming and video production services are easy to commission, whether you’re a seasoned pro or if you’re producing video for the first time. We take the time to understand your requirements: how your video will be used and what it needs to achieve.

We’ll advise on how to spend the budget that’s available to you and do our best to squeeze every pixel of value out of it. It’s all about co-creation and collaboration!

As a team, we’re adept at providing video content and video production services for promoting brands, for social media, hero videos for your website, advertising campaign videos & event coverage. Our flexibility and experience means that we can adapt ourselves to any challenge.


We work extensively with our clients from all sectors to produce crisp, clean photography that’s tailored to their needs.

We’re adept at producing natural and relaxed portraits of staff and clients, beautifully lit product photographs and intimate event photography.

Corporate headshots and portrait photography:

Getting your people front and center is a great way to bring personality and a human face to your brand. A professional portrait photography session is the ideal way to create a set of great looking corporate headshots for web, print or email.

Event Photography:

Using photography to capture an event or conference is an ideal way to create a lasting record of the day and to create valuable content that can be used for promotion, on websites or in print.

Product Photography:

If you’re selling products in-store or online, you want to present them in the best possible fashion. We capture your products to make them stand out amongst your competitors. 

Social Media Photography:

Brands are now putting out more and more premium content on social media. If you want to keep up or remain one step ahead, you have to do the same. We specialise in content creation for social media that ensures that you get a wide variety of material that stays fresh and engaging in the eyes of your audience. 

The possibilites are endless

Let’s discuss your ideas, needs and goals so we can find the perfect solution.