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Copper Face Jacks

Since opening in 1995, Coppers has become the most popular nightclub in Ireland, and has even been coined Europe’s top nightclub over the years. With such a high volume of people passing through their doors each week, it’s understandable how Coppers have become such a cultural icon in Ireland.



Copper Face Jacks




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We work with Copper Face Jacks on an ongoing basis to produce high-quality content that aligns with their target audience, delivering an increase in awareness for their newer offerings and increasing online engagement. 

Our work with Coppers spans from content creation to web design and maintenance, to Facebook ads, to day-to-day social media management. 

The interlinking of digital channels has led to impressive results in brand reach, impressions and ultimately driving more paying customers through Copper Face Jacks’ iconic doors. 

Copper Face Jacks
Copper Face Jacks
Copper Face Jacks