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Are you looking for ways to get more leads from Facebook? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we will share 12 tips that will help you get Facebook leads organically. By following these tips, you’ll be able to improve your chances of generating quality leads from Facebook without having to spend a lot of money on ads. So what are you waiting for? Start reading!

12 Tips to Get Facebook Leads Organically

Whether you love or hate Facebook, it’s impossible to ignore its social media power. If you’ve diligently maintained a strong brand presence on Facebook, created an engaged community by launching advertising and brand awareness, and established a consistent calendar of content to publish your social media posts that include high-quality informative content, you can make use of the power of Facebook to distinguish your company from your competitors.

What is Facebook Lead Generation?

Facebook Lead Generation is the process of using Facebook ads to generate leads for your business. Facebook offers a variety of ad types that are specifically designed for lead generation, including Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Facebook Offers. 

Lead Ads are Facebook’s native lead capture form, and they’re designed to make it easy for people to sign up for your offer. Messenger Ads lets you target Facebook users who are already talking to your business on Messenger, and Facebook Offers let you create special offers that can be redeemed directly on Facebook. All of these ad types can be used to generate leads for your business.

What are Organic Facebook Leads?

Organic Facebook Leads are free, and there are plenty of options to start even if you have no idea which one to choose. Social media platforms such as Facebook provide several tools for free to begin building communities including Facebook stories, groups, and posts.

Facebook also offers the “insights” tool that lets you assess the degree of responsiveness, reach, and clicks. There’s also the overall efficacy of your marketing. To reap the maximum benefits from your advertisements, combine free and paid online social media leads.

Another benefit of organic leads is that they are already keen on the product or services you offer. They might need a bit of motivation to convince them to purchase. Organic ads could enable you to create long-lasting results with people who already feel like they have confidence in you and know your brand.

Organic Facebook leads are generated by creating written and visual content and sharing it wherever your audience is. Organic leads are essential for every inbound marketing campaign and ensure that you are getting interested from your ideal prospects.

While organic Facebook leads won’t cost you anything at all, acquiring them can take time, and your results could depend on your creativity levels where you share your content and how you present it.

Paid ads, on the other hand, are the services you pay for particular platforms. Paid leads are commonly referred to as PPC ads. Social media websites all offer PPC ads in various formats. On Facebook, you can make customized lead advertisements, for example.

12 Tips to Get Facebook Leads Organically

Let’s look at ways you can get leads, regardless of whether they’re either indirect or direct.

1. Create landing pages to promote deals direct to Facebook.

One of the most effective lead generation methods on Facebook is to direct people to a landing site that has your promotional offer. If you’re doing this, ensure your offer is an appealing featured image included in the post on Facebook. Use phrases such as “Download your book” and “Get Your cheatsheet” to specify the destination of your email and the steps they’ll take.

2. Share blog articles that generate the most leads.

Another method of getting leads is by utilizing blog posts that generate the most leads. The title and topic of the blog post will entice the readers to click and read it. They’ll see a CTA for a solution to an issue or something they’d like to know more about.

3. Include links to landing pages within your image captions.

Many marketers know the significance of using videos and images in their strategies to get more Facebook Leads. To convert these higher engagement rates into lead-generating opportunities, add links to your site in the descriptions of your pictures, especially your cover and profile description of your photos. Be sure to shorten your links using tools such as Bitly.

4. Use videos to boost lead generation offers.

If you don’t create a Facebook advertisement, it’s nearly impossible for people to access your posts. Marketers are turning to video since Facebook’s algorithm favors it. Videos have the highest engagement rates of 0.26% higher than other post types.

5. Make use of Facebook Live videos to remind users to sign-up.

Facebook Live is an option that lets anyone stream videos from their mobile device directly into their Facebook news Feed. The most appealing aspect of these Live videos is that they’re a bit more casual and spontaneous than normal marketing videos. It makes them more genuine and personal. Therefore, you should get the conversation flowing regarding your lead generation offerings by making a live-streamed video to market your lead generation offers.

6. Pin posts linked to lead-generation opportunities near the top of your feed.

Pinning a post to the very top of your page’s Timeline will allow you to highlight and show off what would otherwise be a normal post. 

7. Create a CTA button on your Facebook page.

Adding a CTA button to your Facebook page is an essential lead-generation strategy that no marketing professional would wish to overlook. The button is easy yet powerful. It will help to drive more traffic from your Facebook page to your site, which includes contact sheets, landing pages, or other lead form forms for lead generation.

8. Get feedback from your Facebook followers on your products.

You can take two birds with one scone. Post an update on your status for feedback about your product or service, and then connect to an online landing page that lets users can try your product for no cost. This is one of the effective ways to generate Facebook Leads.

The sign-ups will be boosted by linking directly to your landing page. Your followers will appreciate the chance to offer their opinion. The main risk is that you’ll open the floodgates to negative comments, so be cautious about the products and tools you share to get feedback.

9. Organize a contest or a giveaway.

Contests and giveaways are not just enjoyable, but they provide you with a great deal about your customers and make them feel involved, expanding their reach and driving people to their site, and generating leads.

Because your giveaway is designed to attract leads, you’ll need to create posts that feature attractive images or videos, engaging and simple copy, and hyperlinks to your giveaway page for people to fill in their information on your lead forms.

10. Create a Facebook event page for the next webinar you are hosting.

When sharing landing pages with specific content is effective, webinars can be another effective method of generating leads. You can also promote the webinar’s registration form by posting them on your company’s Timeline. Another method of spreading the word is to set up an event on Facebook Event with a separate registration page on your site.

11. Use targeted ads to expand your content’s reach.

There are three general models for Facebook advertisements: Boosted Post, Right-Hand Column Ads, and News Feed Ads. The most important distinction is the ad positioning, the quantity of writing allowed, and the size of the images they permit.

12. Run lead ads to simplify the sign-up process.

Facebook designed lead ads to ease the sign-up process by creating a quick form that makes it simple for users on mobile devices to enter their contact information without leaving Facebook. This is one of the great strategies to gain more Facebook leads.

Social Media Marketing With A2B Media 

With 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to target a large audience with laser precision. Facebook also has a robust analytics tool that allows businesses to track the performance of their ads. 

A2B Media has extensive experience developing Facebook ad campaigns and social media marketing that generate leads and sales for our clients. If you’re looking for a Facebook marketing partner that can help you get the most out of this platform, we would be happy to help you boost your business. 

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